In The Inez Greenberg Gallery

43rd Annual Members’ Juried Art Exhibition

October 4 – November 15, 2019

Opening Reception and Awards Ceremony: Friday, October 4, 6 – 8 p.m.

Each year this exciting exhibition brings together Artistry’s many talented members.  It is always a varied and eclectic collection showcasing many different mediums, styles and techniques. Every year the exhibiting artwork is selected by a prominent member of the local arts community who will also judge 13 awards including a $500 Best of Show Award.

This year’s juror, Andrea Specht, had the challenge of making her selection from more than 275 entries. Ultimately, there will be 83 unique pieces of art showcased by 83 member artists. Please join us on Friday, October 4 for the Opening Reception to see which piece will garner the top awards!


Exhibiting Artists

Janet Adams, Jean Allen, Michael Anderson, Joan Barry, Megan Bell, Barb Bjornson, Lynnette Black, Robin Blochinger, James Burpee, Karen Caldwell, Pamela Carberry, Chris Cinque, Carol Clay, Kordula Coleman, Kat Corrigan, Rita Beyer Corrigan, Jack Dale, Rebecca David, Jennifer Davis, Tom Davis, Fred Dingler, Beth Dorsey, Susan Dunwell, Joan Einsman, Cynthia Fleury, Fred Foster, Elizabeth Franklin, Norma Hanlon, Marty Harris, Beth Hatlen Elliott, Brian Hayden, Marilyn Herrmann, Tom Hessel, Norman Holen, Shelley Holl, Heidi Hrbek, Colleen Kennealy, Eric Ketelsen, Pamela Kirton, Bradford Kissell, David Knowlton, Jeanne Kosfeld, Karen Kraco, Kurt Kreissl, Kristi Kuder, Bill Kuhn, Linda Lee, Doug Lew, Brenda Litman, Rick Lundsten, James McGuire, Barb McKinlay, Keith Miesel, Courtney Miller Bellairs, George Moore, Eric Mueller, Carl Nanoff, Heidi Nelson, John Niemi, Polly Norman, John O’Leary, Reid Olson, Gwen Partin, John Pearson, Emily Price, Leila Rastegar, Gretchen Robinson, Eduardo Romo, Mary Rowland, Michael Schmidt, Richard Simonsen, Cida Smith, Susan Solomon, Stephen Stone, Michael Sweere, Tom Teller, David Thompson, John Traeger, Amy Usdin, Melody Villars, Brenda Ward, Tom Westberg, Emmy White

About the Juror


Andrea Specht served as Artistry’s executive director from 2009 to June 2019, leading substantial growth in programming and audience development. Her work at Artistry and volunteer service for numerous other nonprofits reflects her lifelong passion for the arts and direct experience as a maker. After earning her BA in Studio Art from Macalester College in 1992, Andrea maintained a studio in Minneapolis for several years and exhibited her paintings, drawings, and prints locally and nationally. She worked at Thomas Barry Fine Arts, Groveland Gallery, and Wet Paint Artists’ Materials before focusing her career on nonprofit management in the mid ‘90s.

In the Atrium Gallery

Reclaiming Our Grandmothers


Artist: Zamara Cuyún

Opening Reception: Friday, September 13, 6 - 8 p.m.

Most accounts of Maya history and cosmology produced over the past 500+ years come from non-Indigenous sources. In contemporary society, Indigenous women – brown and female, are often objectified, romanticized, hyper-sexualized, and de-humanized. These seemingly harmless stereotypes produce devastating consequences including alarming rates of abuse, rape, disappearance, murder, self-harm and suicide plaguing Indigenous women and girls.

Local artist, Zamara Cuyún combats these injustices with painted visual stories that re-imagine new systems of understanding and healing for Indigenous womanhood and identity. Using elements of Guatemalan Maya history, ideology, myth and iconography, Cuyún presents a world that is at times vibrant, colorful, and dreamlike while at other times restless, violent, and unsettling. 


About the Artist

Zamara Cuyún is, for better or worse, a product of colonization, with Indigenous roots in Guatemala—born and raised in Minneapolis. A self-taught “Gringindia” artist of de-Indigenized Highland Maya ancestry, she works in acrylics, using elements of Guatemalan Maya history, ideology, myth, and iconography—sometimes to explore and create a vibrant, colorful, imaginary dream universe and, at other times, to represent the restless, violent, and unsettling world we are often forced to inhabit. The themes that inspire her work and to which she is drawn back to, time and again, include Indigenous identity (her own, as well as that represented in Guatemalan society), the history of colonization and resistance, the persecution and genocide of Indigenous populations, and the call for social justice, reconciliation, revitalization, and decolonization and the central role and strength of women in this process.

Gallery Hours

Mon-Fri: 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Saturday: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Sunday: 1:00 - 10:00 p.m.