Penn American/Fresh Thyme

The Penn American District is a developing neighborhood along American Boulevard, primarily between Penn Avenue and I-35W. The City of Bloomington has identified this neighborhood as a place where redevelopment will occur over the next couple of decades, including major transit investments. The goals stated in the city's Penn American District Plan include, among others, creating a visually attractive district and promoting sustainability.

Against this backdroup, Artistry was asked by the city and developer United Properties to facilitate a signature public art project for the district. Minnesota's first Fresh Thyme Market opened in August 2015, greeting shoppers, employees, and neighborhood residents with a stunning installation of multilayered, water-jet cut stainless steel plates created by Myklebust + Sears.

The intricate circular plates evoke plant forms (leaves, blossoms, and fruit) and simultaneously reference the archetype of the mandala and the domesticity of a crochet doily. Myklebust + Sears' installation incorporates programmable LED lighting, providing drama and depth during event hours. If all goes according to plan, it will be a catalyst for other public art in this emerging Bloomington neighborhood.

Above: Fabrication of the Myklebust + Sears installation piece for Fresh Thyme Market

Below: Installation on the Fresh Thyme building

Fresh Thyme Market in Bloomington's Penn-American District