In the South Loop:

In the South Loop

The South Loop is a developing Bloomington neighborhood that is home to the Mall of America, the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge, 13 (and counting) hotels, four light rail transit stations, an existing residential area, and significant new development opportunities. The City of Bloomington has adopted a long-range plan to transform the South Loop into a densely-populated, walkable urban neighborhood that attracts residents, workers, hotel guests, and shoppers through its unique character and assets.

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Visit: City of Bloomington Creative Placemaking Commission website

Creative Placemaking in the South Loop is a project of Artistry and the City of Bloomington. The first 18 months of the project was funded by an “Our Town” matching grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. Grant outcomes included the development of a long-term creative placemaking plan for the South Loop and a series of demonstration projects. Artistry and the City are grateful to our project partners, including the Mall of America, McGough, Bloomington Convention and Visitors Bureau, and others. The project was managed by a team of artists and planners with Creative Community Builders.

Project Goals:


South Loop project updates:

Artistry continues to partner with the City of Bloomington to bring a stronger identity, vitality, and creative energy to the South Loop district by engaging artists and other creative people.

Fall 2016


To learn about past projects, visit the Project Archive.

Diagram of the South Loop district