2015 Project Hosts

2015 Charette Participants

Each 2015 demonstration project was developed in collaboration with one or more project hosts:

Hosts play a variety of roles, including welcoming the projects onto their property and helping to promote them, engaging their employees and other constituents in the projects, and more.

Twelve prospective project hosts came forward in response to our recruitment efforts following the June 2014 Discovery Charrette. They included South Loop land owners, local businesses, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and others. The common thread? All have a physical presence in the South Loop or capacity to host an event or activity there, and all are enthusiastic about the potential of public art and creative placemaking.

We are grateful for the interest and support that all our prospective project hosts offered during the Demonstration Project proposal phase of Creative Placemaking in the South Loop in 2014. And we plan to continue fostering a network of hosts committed to creative placemaking over the long term. For a complete list of project hosts that were involved in the initial proposal phase of the project, please visit our project archive to see the host map and host profiles.

To learn more about the prospective project host network and how your business or organization can get involved, please email Andrea Specht at