Announcing Next Generations Theater Access

Artistry's Next Generations Theater Access allows patrons aged 30 and under to buy significantly discounted tickets for any Artistry show. These tickets ($12 for Schneider Theater productions and $9 for Black Box productions) will be available for the remainder of our 2016-2017 season as a pilot. For further information, please read the statement from Producing Artistic Director Ben McGovern and FAQ below.

Read a Statement from Producing Artistic Director Ben McGovern

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does this benefit longstanding patrons and subscribers?
A: Next Generations allows our longstanding audience to share the theater they love with their children, grandchildren, and young friends at an affordable price. Together, we continue creating a vibrant theater that thrives for us all.       

Q: How does the new 30 and Under price affect “Pay What You Can” performances?
A: As part of our commitment to advancing artistic excellence and access for all, ticketed previews and Pay What You Can performances will remain an important part of our regular performance calendars.

Q: Why only 30 and Under?
A: It’s never easy to draw a line. In considering our new 30 and Under price, we looked at a variety of approaches other arts organizations have developed to ensure greater access and concluded that 30 and Under is a good place to start. Next Generations Theater Access a pilot project, and we’ll carefully consider feedback from all our stakeholders as we move forward.  In the meantime, we will continue to offer ticketed previews and Pay What You Can performances to help ensure that everyone can be part of our audience, regardless of ability to pay.  

Q: Why now?
A: We have long recognized that preserving the theater we love for all of us will require meaningful efforts to engage our next generations. The success of this season’s Pay What You Can and ticketed preview performances among young theater-goers inspired a conversation about how we could build even greater participation. Starting this pilot project now will allow us to gauge its impact during The Secret Garden – a perfect show for adults of all ages and the young people in their lives.  

Q: Will you offer 30 and Under pricing next season?
A: For now, this is a pilot for the rest of our 2016-2017 season. We look forward to hearing the feedback of all our audience members as we consider ways to ensure greater arts access next season and beyond. 

Q: So I can buy my 30 and Under tickets anytime? Not just the day of the show?
A: Yes, anytime.  Select the “30 and Under” price code at checkout.

Q: Is there a limit to how many tickets I can buy at this price?
A: There is no limit, but if you are buying tickets for a group that includes people of different ages, only people aged 30 and under are eligible for the "30 and Under" price code.

Q: Why $12 for Schneider Theater shows and $9 for Black Box?
A: Next Generations Theater Access allows people aged 30 and under to attend all our performances at ticketed preview prices. For our 2016-2017season, ticketed previews cost $12 for Schneider Theater shows and $9 for the Black Box.