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The Music Man


"The world of "The Music Man" may be more wish than reality, but Artistry's effervescent production revels in the sheer power and panache of its salesmanship and demonstrates why Willson's musical has such enduring appeal. "
- Lisa Brock, The Star Tribune

"Artistry delivers a production like ice cream on a hot summer night: one of sincere joy, comfort, and homecoming.  Ye Gods, people, just go see this show!."
- Shy Iverson, Minnesota Playlist

"The two leads, Michael Gruber (who also choreographs) and Jennifer Eckes, are terrific. Gruber exudes sly charm and he effectively weaves in and out of the cast-of-dozens crowd, driving the play with real energy. Eckes has a soaring Joni Mitchell-esque voice and her quiet (and sexy) presence nicely counter-balances the hyper Gruber...You will, I predict, have a constant smile on your face."
- John Olive, How Was the Show

"Artistry is on a musical roll...Something that this production of The Music Man most definitely has in spades is star power, starting with Michael Gruber’s commanding and charismatic performance as con man Harold Hill."
- Basil Consindine, Twin Cities Arts Reader

"A charmer...Anita Ruth's 18-piece pit orchestra sounds glorious on this familiar and beloved score"
- Jill Schaefer, Cherry and Spoon

"Artistry's lovely performance of The Music Man is sadly nearly sold out, but if you can manage to get a ticket before they close on November 5 I definitely think you should. "
- Becki Iverson, Compendium

"Able to deftly straddle the line between an intimate show and a musical with big production values in a way that made it the best of both worlds."
- Twin Cities Stages

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat


"The most inventive production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat I've ever seen...John Jamison is phenomenal as Joseph. "
- Jill Schafer, Cherry and Spoon

"Director-choreographer Michael Matthew Ferrell has created fantastically energized dance numbers, performed by a terrific ensemble that seem to take flight each time their characters break into dance...the dancing and singing on stage are stupendous."
- Arthur Dorman, Talkin' Broadway

"Dance Captain Elly Stahlke was one such performer and her featured moments were sincere pleasures to watch.  Understated and highly effective, Dan Piering’s Benjamin brought the well-needed heart to the production. And Brandon A. Jackson, as Pharaoh, could SING and drew rousing cheers from the audience."
- Shy Iverson, Minnesota Playlist

"The cast in this production is unreal...[Jennifer Grimm] was absolutely stunning. I was amazed at the unbelievable amount of control she had in her singing. "
- Brett Burger, Coffee Talk with Brett



"Wingert is a Twin Cities treasure, having tread the boards at the Guthrie, on Broadway, in London and elsewhere...this Twin Cities icon is giving a performance that is tough, subtle and ethereal, like the character she so masterfully plays — a cut stone giving off the gentlest of light."
- Rohan Preson, The Star Tribune

"Cristina Florencia Castro is superb as Vivian’s compassionate nurse."
- Chris Hewitt, Pioneer Press

"Benjamin McGovern directs this probing meditation on mortality and meaning with a sure grasp on the play’s complex structure and meta-theatrical conceit..Wingert’s performance is sublime. "
- Jay Gabler, City Pages

"Artistry's production of the Pulitzer Prize winning play Wit is simply devastating. But it's also funny, and smart, and philosophical, and enlightening. "
- Jill Schafer, Cherry and Spoon

"Wingert’s Bearing exudes courage and, well, wit."
- John Olive, How Was the Show

"Artistry's mounting of Wit gives the play its full due, centered around Sally Wingert's commanding performance as literature professor Vivian Bearing..."
- Arthur Dorman, Talkin' Broadway

"Heading into its final week, you still have time to catch Ms. Wingert and crew and I highly recommend that you do."
- Erin Roberts, Minnesota Playlist

The Secret Garden


"Director Lisa Channer crafts a sumptuous production full of memorable visuals and heartfelt emotions that are completely realized by the hardworking cast."
- Ed Hyuck, The Star Tribune

" It's a heart-warming tale with a hauntingly beautiful score, brought to life by Anita Ruth's always thrilling pit orchestra and this dreamy cast that is vocally one of the best I've ever seen at Artistry."
- Jill Schafer, Cherry and Spoon

"Young and old, the actors were a treat to watch and hear. "
- Tierney Chlan, Say Entirely