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On the Status of Fields and Rocks

Exhibiting Artist: Lisa Bigalke

January 11 - February 25, 2018

For exhibiting artist Lisa Bigalke, this series of reductive relief linoleum and woodcut prints stems from a deeply personal exploration; a trip to places found in the notebooks of her father who died while on a hunting expedition when she was just a child. What began as a journey to become closer to her father resulted in Bigalke’s discovery that the outdoors is essential to her happiness – a place that makes her feel alive. She also learned that traveling through these places and being able to document them through photos, drawings, and notes, gave her the opportunity to reinterpret and organize.

Included in her final works are maps, statistical information, and personal letters to indicate reality - the actuality of these places and her relationship to them. The exaggerated, intensity of color, the abstraction of nature, and the addition of enlarged aspects of the place (fossil/flower/water), allows for both decorative patterns and visual texture. The overlapping and concentrated use of pattern puts the viewer into the realm of Bigalke’s journey. Those who look once may find just a pretty landscape. Those who allow themselves to get lost in the color and pattern find the meaning.

donovanRed Dawn by Lisa Bigalke

About the Artist

Lisa Bigalke graduated from the University of Wisconsin- Parkside with a BA in art in 1996. She received her MFA in Studio Art, with a concentration in printmaking, from Louisiana State University in 2000. She teaches Art at Carthage College in Kenosha Wisconsin. Her artwork has been exhibited in many regional and national exhibitions. Since 2000, she has exhibited her work in over 14 solo exhibitions and 10 permanent collections including the Douro Portugal and the Leicester Print Workshop’s Small Print International in Leicester England. Lisa Bigalke is a 2016 RAM Fellowship recipient. Her 2017 RAM Fellowship exhibition opened Aug 17, 2017 at RAM’s Wustum Museum in Racine, WI.