Visit the Sale

To find the Inez Greenberg Gallery, enter the Bloomington Center for the Arts from the northeast or northwest entrance.

Sale Hours

Mon-Wed: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Thu-Fri: 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Saturday: 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Sunday: 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.

In the Inez Greenberg Gallery...

Gifts in the Gallery

One-of-a-kind, artist-created gifts for the season.

December 6 - 20
, 2017


Visit the Inez Greenberg Gallery in December to find distinctive gifts for everyone on your shopping list. Gifts in the Gallery is a two-week boutique featuring a stunning array of items including silk scarves, jewelry, ceramics, blown glass, and much more–all handcrafted by over 60 local artists.

See the art in action!

Our 2017 Gifts in the Gallery look book features art you'll see in the sale, styled like you'd use it in real life! Check it out on Facebook.

Loop arrangement sterling silver and copper earrings by Linda Seebauer Hansen from St. Paul, MN. $69 at Gifts in the Gallery. Image from our 2017 look book.

2017 Artists:

Ann Aas - jewelry
Ryan Archibald - ceramics
Bell Barr - garden art
Pam Beggs - pottery
Sharlene Bohr - silk scarves
Betsy Bowen - woodcut prints and cards
Jane Brown - baskets and scarves
Mike Carlson - glass decor
Alex Chinn - pottery
Ben Cooney and Jill Hayes - local icon gifts
Judy Cooper Lyle - clothing
Kat Corrigan - paintings
Carole Crandall - jewelry
TiAnna DeGarmo - woodwork
Mary Ellen Dower - wool slippers
Carolina Downs - glass & copper suncatchers
Lisa Dust - jewelry
Mary Felden - garden art
Kristina Fjellman - jewelry (paper/plastic)
Mary Foster - photo cards and gifts
Aaron Furuseth and Anh Nguyen - coiled paper cards
Trisha Galyen - prints and cards
Josephine Geiger - stained glass
Brian Geihl - screen priting
Julie Greenwood - cards and jewelry

Brenda Haack - jewelry
Luci Haas – pottery
Katrina Hase - resin jewelry
Shelley Holl - acrylic prints, cards, scraves and accessories
Ann Holter - skirts
Farida Hughes - scarves
Janel Jacobson - pottery
Marti Johnson - jewelry
Christy Johnson - local icon prints
Stacy Kelly - glassware and ornaments
Carla Kennedy - ceramic gifts
Pamela Kirton - prints and cards
Andre Klingenmeyer - steampunk gifts and scarves
Barbara Lager - whimsical jewelry and gifts
Lenore Lampi - ceramic gifts
Jamie Lang - adobe tiles with encaustic work
Lindsay Locatelli - jewelry
Marie Mahan - pillows and bags
Layl McDill - polymer ornaments
Mary Jo McMahon - jewelry
Erin McMillan - soap and cosmetics
Sharon Miller-Thompson - ceramic tile gifts and ornaments

Janet Mullen - pottery
Elaine Palmer - pottery
Kirk Peterson
- turned wood gifts
Judy Platt-Nelson - mittens
Terra Rathai - photo prints and cards
Herb Reiersen - wooden trees & gifts
Kathryn Rosebear - porcelain pottery
Greta Sandquist - paintings & jewelry
Patricia Scully - jewelry
Linda Seebaer Hansen - jewelry
Liz Sewald - mixed media gifts and jewelry
Katherine Smither - pottery
Lynn Soetebier - jewelry
Laura Soetebier - scarves and hats
Ann Solyst - prints and cards
Robin Stryker - textile ornaments and decor
Cyrus Swann - ceramic gifts
Katharine Teesdale - pottery
Kelly Thielen - paper gifts and boxes
Linda Thiltgen - inspirational gift items
Nicole Tupesis - bags and pillows
Melinda Wolff - jewlery and ornaments