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Exhibiting Artist: Patty Voje

August 9 – September 23, 2018
Artist Reception: August 9, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

As a transplant city dweller yearning for the open spaces and nostalgic moments of a childhood spent on a farm, Patty Voje enjoys driving through the ever depleting countryside in search of rolling hills, farm animals and woodlands. Here she finds and revels in the subject matter for her lush paintings done in the alla prima style – a painterly approach that uses large brushes loaded in with paint. Voje finds both joy and challenges when trying to capture the humor on a cow’s face or the sense of day in as few brush strokes as possible. Her ultimate goal is to engage the audience and hopefully spark conversations surrounding the ethical treatment of farm animals and perhaps even consider a plant-based diet.

About the Artist
Patty Voje is an award-winning artist based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Voje has exhibited nationally and is the recipient of numerous accolades. Most recently, her painting #RESIST received Honorable Mention and the Ron Merchant Award for Excellence in Oil Painting at the Minnesota State Fair Fine Art Juried Exhibit. Voje studied Fine Art at the University of Minnesota and earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Metropolitan State University. She has studied with prominent national artists including Qiang Huang and Mark Boedges and continues to study at the Atelier of Minneapolis. She is proud to be affiliated with American Women Artists (Signature Member), Oil Painters of America, Outdoor Painters of Minnesota, and the Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association (NEMAA).

Compassionate living that supports the ethical treatment of animals is of fundamental importance to Voje, and it plays a significant role in her art. Her paintings illustrate the pages of Great Animal Escape Stories (2016), a book of true stories about farm animal escapes that promotes the cause of animal welfare. In addition to her studio work, Voje is also an avid plein air artist. She concentrates on plein air work during the summertime and loves to paint from life as much as possible.

donovanLight on Pig by Patty Voje